1) Click the CONSULTATION REQUEST tab above. This will take you to our scheduling website. Follow the instructions to register your clinic/hospital.
2) Click on green “Schedule/submit new case” in upper left hand corner.
3) Find West Texas Veterinary Specialists and click on blue “Availability” tab.
NOTE: If requesting an Oncology consultation, find the West Texas Veterinary Specialists – Oncology Teleconsultation and click on blue “Submit now” tab.
4) Select the desired date and timeframe for your procedure request.
5) Fill in the requested information about your patient.
NOTE: You may upload JPGs and PDFs at the bottom; simply drag/drop to the box or upload them.
6) Click “Submit” button at the bottom.
7) You will receive a confirmation email shortly thereafter.

Please call us at 806-632-0560 if you have any questions.