• Starting 48 hours before the procedure, give Miralax (0.5 ml/kg) every 12 hours. This may be given with a small amount if ice cream if the patient will not tolerate the Miralax. This should get the colon fairly clean.
  • Fast dog for 36 hours prior to the procedure. Water is fine, but not food.

Note: we may need to give a few water enemas once they are under anesthesia in order to complete the clean-out, but if the above is done correctly it should be adequately clean. Ideally, these water enemas would be done on a wet table if possible.

*** if clean-out is not performed properly this will likely lead to increased anesthetic time (due to the need for numerous enemas) and an increase in cost. ***

Kirk W. Sears, DVM, DACVIM
West Texas Veterinary Specialists

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